LYCE Aftershock Liqueur Recipe – Aftershock

Aftershock liquor is a brand new liqueurs release that has a strong emphasis on citrus flavors.

With a liqueuur base of lime, the Aftershock will be infused with fresh lemonade and lime juice, while a citrus-forward aftershock will feature grapefruit, lime and grapefruit-infused juice.

The citrus flavor will be accentuated by the addition of a slight tartness from the grapefruit and lime, but the lime juice will provide an almost tropical flavor. 

While the lime flavor is present, it isn’t overwhelming or overpowering.

It has a subtle citrus taste, which is well-balanced with a slight sweetness from the fresh lime juice.

It also has a slight grapefruit flavor and an extra sweetness from a touch of grapefruit juice.

The Aftershock’s citrus flavor is subtle but provides a strong, citrus-like sweetness to the drink.

The grapefruit/lemon juice is very noticeable, especially when pouring into glasses, and there is an extra bite from the juice as well.

This liqueure is smooth and creamy, which helps balance the overall citrus flavor.

This is one of my favorite new liquors to try, and the AfterShock is one I think will be a favorite of mine. 

This recipe makes enough Aftershock to serve two or three glasses.

You can use up to 4 bottles per serving.

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