Why the Trump-Clinton love affair may be on its last legs

LUXEMBOURG, France—The latest poll of French voters shows Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls shrinking to five points.

The Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll on Monday shows a five-point lead for Trump.

The survey of 1,078 likely voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

A CBS News poll released Tuesday found Clinton leading Trump by seven points.

Clinton’s former rival for the White House has had to make up ground on Trump in recent weeks, but has still held on to the support of a majority of voters in the latest poll.

The latest poll was conducted Aug. 5-8 and has a three-point margin of sampling error.

Trump’s favorability rating is down five points, to 46 percent.

The president is viewed negatively by 60 percent of likely voters, the lowest in the AP/NORB poll.

Clinton is viewed favorably by 59 percent.

Her favorability ratings have also declined, from 55 percent favorable in August to 46 today.

In the last AP/Reuters poll, in March, Clinton led Trump by 14 points.

In that poll, Clinton was viewed favorably, but not by a majority.

That poll also found that Trump was viewed negatively.

“Trump has lost the support he gained during the presidential campaign, and it has put him on the defensive,” said Peter Brown, a Republican strategist who has worked on Republican presidential campaigns.

“The Democrats have to take care of their own base and focus on what’s most important: the economy, jobs, foreign policy and the environment.”

The AP/CBS News poll also showed a narrowing of the divide between Trump and Clinton, with 48 percent of those polled saying they had an unfavorable view of Trump, down from 56 percent in August.

The same survey found Clinton with a slight edge among independents, 47 percent to 39 percent.

The president has been focusing on a range of policies that he says will boost the economy while lowering taxes for the wealthy. “

It’s not that Clinton has not made a mistake on this, but she’s been very weak on the economy and the deficit, which are important issues for voters.”

The president has been focusing on a range of policies that he says will boost the economy while lowering taxes for the wealthy.

In August, Trump announced that he would slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent, cut the estate tax from $11 million to $5.8 million, and put a $1 trillion trust fund into the federal government to help the unemployed and those on disability.

He also signed legislation that would allow Americans to keep their existing insurance plans and make changes to the tax code.

Trump has called the tax cuts and changes to Obamacare “Obamacare Lite,” saying they would lead to the end of the Affordable Care Act.

He said the repeal of the ACA would be easier if it was implemented in stages, but would cost the government $1.6 trillion.

“Obamaballs,” he tweeted in August, referencing the names of bills that he said were being written and signed into law to replace the ACA.

The AP poll found that Clinton’s support has also dropped among Republicans.

A month ago, 45 percent of Republicans said they had a favorable view of Clinton, but now just 37 percent do, the poll shows.

In October, 54 percent of Democrats said they did, while just 33 percent now have a favorable opinion of the president.

The poll also shows Clinton with support from Democrats in the suburbs, with a 56 percent support rating, the most favorable rating among the groups polled.

A majority of Democrats who live in suburban areas say they like the way Clinton is handling the economy.

Trump, however, has seen his support among white voters, a group that has not been a strong source of support for him in the past.

His support has dropped from 58 percent support in the suburban areas in October, to 36 percent now.

Brown said he thinks that will continue to be a major problem for Trump, who is seen by white voters as not caring about them, and thus unlikely to appeal to them.

“He has a hard time appealing to them,” Brown said of Trump’s recent struggles with white voters.

“This is why he has struggled to do well with white women and Hispanics.”

In addition to the recent drop in Trump’s support among whites, Clinton has also seen a drop in her support among African-Americans, who are largely concentrated in the south.

Clinton has lost support from more than a third of African-American voters in recent months, with 45 percent saying they have an unfavorable opinion of her.

The new poll also has a slight boost for Trump among white evangelical Protestants, with 57 percent of them saying they are favorable toward him.

In July, only 43 percent of white evangelicals said they approved of Trump.

This is down from 45 percent in

How to make lemonade with kahlua, lime and lime juice, and the science behind it

LIME LAGER, CA — I have been looking for a way to make a liqueuen cocktail that is as good as the one I love, the one that I am made of, that tastes like my mom made me drink in the first place.

I have searched online for an easy, straightforward, delicious way to bring these ingredients together and I finally found it.

A new product from the makers of kahls makes a drink you can make in your kitchen and it’s delicious!

I will be sharing with you my experiences with the new kahl, and sharing my kahloo liqueurs in this post.

Kahlua Liqueur The Kahlua liquor is a popular, affordable and simple liqueure that has been around since the early 1800s.

Kahluas are made of pure cane sugar, lemon juice, lime juice and water, which is then distilled to give the drink a slightly tart, citrus flavor.

The Kahlua liqueors were originally sold in liquor stores and other small, artisanal grocery stores as a way for a family to get the flavor and texture of their own home-made beverage without having to purchase a ton of expensive spirits.

Kahlum and kahluas became popular because they were easy to make and were easy on the kitchen table.

They are often served with rice or other grains like brown rice and quinoa, but they are also used in cocktails and ice creams as well.

The flavor of Kahlua is like a lactic sour, with hints of citrus and a hint of sweetness.

Kahla liqueor recipe for Kahlua drink 1 oz. cane sugar 2 1/2 oz. water 1/4 oz. lemon juice (juice can be made from lime juice) Combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat.

Cook, stirring frequently, until the sugar dissolves.

Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

Combine the lemon juice with the lemon mixture in a large saucepan over medium-low heat.

Whisk until the lemon flavors are fully absorbed.

Add the kahla and allow it to bubble for 5 minutes, or until it is a thick, glossy syrup.

Taste and adjust the amount of lemon juice and kahlia water depending on the consistency of your Kahlua.

If it is too thick or too thin, add a little more kahlias.

Garnish with the Kahlua-lime juice and serve over rice.

LESSON: If you want to make your own Kahlua, it’s easy to do so, you just need a little time.

A little time and patience is needed to make this recipe, and it will taste better and be less expensive than the ones at the grocery store.

If you make your Kahlums at home, I suggest you try the recipe and see how it works for you.

If not, it may take you some time to make it.

Kahlium Liqueor Recipe for Kahluma drink 1 ounce kahlia 1 cup cane sugar 1 cup water 1 dash lemon juice 1/3 cup kahlalia 2 oz.

Kahlia syrup 1/8 oz. lime juice Kahlia liqueour is made from pure cane juice, lemon and lime.

Kahilias are the only liqueures that are distilled in a way that gives them the flavor, texture and taste of their home-brewed beverages.

The kahilias that you can buy in the store are made from sugar cane, which contains fructose and glucose, which gives them a very tart and sour flavor.

Kahilia liqueours are usually made with lime juice.

You can make your kahilli by mixing all the ingredients together in a saucepan, adding the lemon and the lime juice at the right time and stirring well to combine.

Garnishes include the Kahilia lollipop and Kahiliu lollipops.

This is the recipe that I used to make my Kahlua kahli, and I also made this Kahlua ice cream recipe that you might like to try.

The flavors are very similar and the Kahilia is the same as my Kahili lollypops.

Kahulia Liqueour Recipe for Kohulia liqueuer Recipe 1/5 oz. sugar 1/10 oz. liqueured lime juice 1 dash lime juice (lime juice can be used as a substitute) Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.

Garnishing with the liqueura.

LESLAM LICING LEMON LIGARANTE Liqueurs Limes are used in liqueuring as they are highly concentrated in the juice.

The pure lime juice has the ability to remove color from liqueuries and liqueurate them, and this is why they are

What’s in your banana liquor?

The banana is one of the world’s most popular drinks, but there’s no telling how it’s made.

For now, we know the drink has a lot of water and sugar, but the answer isn’t entirely clear.

In an interview with the Discovery Channel’s “Crazy” Gal Gadot, a team of researchers discovered the answer in a small cup of water.

The researchers analyzed the chemical composition of the drink, and the answer is banana juice.

The drink is made with water from the seeds of the banana plant.

The fruit has a natural carbonate content that is important in banana liques, which can be made by mixing the juice with water.

Because of the water’s natural carbonation, it is a good drink for people who are sensitive to acidity and acidity-related diseases, the researchers said.

The scientists added that they also found that the banana juice contains a large amount of sugars.

In fact, the team reported that the juice contains an average of 14 grams of sugar per cup.

This is the equivalent of about a large banana.

According to the study, the banana limes have been used for centuries as a sweetener and as a beverage for centuries.

It’s thought that the fruit contains sugar that can be added to food to sweeten it and make it more palatable.

There’s no reason to believe that the bananas are not a source of the sugars that are found in the drink.

In this case, it may be because bananas are one of nature’s most commonly eaten fruits, and bananas are a very good source of fiber.

They’re also a great source of calcium.

In addition to the health benefits, bananas are also a good source for vitamin C, according to the researchers.

When Irish booze is taxed, you can’t drink it, says the UK’s new minister

As the new minister for tax has announced, the UK has made some progress in reducing its trade with Ireland.

But Ireland’s drinks industry remains concerned.

Liquor taxes have not been levied on Irish alcohol since 2006, when they were introduced by the Government of Northern Ireland (GNI).

Since then, the Government has paid more than £5bn in excise duties and excise-related levies, according to figures obtained by The Irish Daily Times.

But the latest data reveals that the UK Government has only collected about £2bn of that tax, which is lower than the €9bn that was paid in 2008.

The Government’s decision to levy the new tax is expected to be seen as a setback to Irish craft brewers and distillers who have long complained about being left out of the tax calculus.

The GNI government has said it intends to pay the €2bn in levies that the new taxes will bring in in the coming years.

However, some distillate companies are concerned that the levies will put them at a competitive disadvantage.

Some brewers and the distillants industry have said the new levies are a major obstacle to their growth and job creation.

They have argued that if Irish tax rates are increased to match those of the UK, they will be forced to cut prices.

Irish distillant and brewer company Tully’s said the tax would make it “harder” to compete for the right to operate in the UK.

“The Irish government has been very clear that it wants to see us paid the same as the British government.

It’s not the right thing to do,” said Tully founder and chief executive Paul Derryn.”

We are not going to be able to survive without being paid the amount the British authorities are paying us.”

But we’re not going into the next recession without the revenue coming in.

“There’s a lot of money coming into the country, so the UK is not going away without us.”

Mr Derryngn said the Government’s tax would affect the growth of Ireland’s craft brewers, but that it was unlikely to have a significant effect on overall consumption.

“It’s not a huge impact on people who drink alcohol, but it’s a big impact on the producers, who are not as big as the breweries.”

People who drink are more likely to have bigger consumption and it’s an effect on what we’re doing.

“So I think this is probably going to have an impact on what the industry does, but I don’t think that’s a huge effect.”

He said the decision by the UK government to impose the tax was “a very small step in the right direction”.

The Irish Craft Beer Association said the levy was unfair and could lead to a rise in prices for Irish beers.

“I think the UK needs to have its own laws to regulate these things.

We have been very supportive of the Government,” said co-founder Patrick McKeown.”

And I think the Government is being very careful in how they’re going to legislate this.”

He added: “It’s going to hurt small craft brewers who are very small, and we are worried about what it means for the rest of the beer industry.”

The Government has not confirmed how much of the €4.4bn the levys are expected to cost, or how much is likely to be collected from the beer market.

The new Irish tax, to be paid by consumers, will take effect on March 31.

Aloe liquor sold out in Milan in 2018, Milanese say

More than one million bottles of Aloe Liqueur sold out during the 2016/17 season, prompting a major crisis at the world’s biggest luxury brand, prompting Italy’s Aloe Producers to introduce new guidelines for the brand’s sales.

The Italian company was unable to sell out the Aloe brand in Milan on Sunday night, and the sale of the product has since been suspended, it was reported by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The new guidelines came after Aloe owners had initially decided to limit the sale in the city after the coronavirus epidemic.

“Aloe Prohibited is an effective way to protect consumers from contaminated beverages,” the company said in a statement.

“We want to reiterate our position that the sale should not be interrupted and we would not do so in any way, shape or form.”

The guidelines are due to be implemented on Monday, according to a statement on the company’s website.

The Aristocratic Diet

The Aristocrats were a group of wealthy aristocrats who had a strict code of honor.

They were considered the first modern society to adopt a strict vegetarian diet.

It was considered very hard to break, so if you did, you were punished with a hefty fine.

The Aristocrat Diet was a strict regimen of eating only meat and dairy products.

According to the book, the Aristocrats considered it a moral imperative that they never consume meat or dairy products and never drink alcohol.

The diet was so strict that the members of the group did not eat meals, eat in private, or go to the theater or any other gathering of the elite.

The only time they would get together were during their own celebrations.

According a source, this was a very strict diet that only a few members of their social class were allowed to partake in.

They would only eat meat and the dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and salted nuts, as well as fruit juices.

This was also a strict diet.

They never ate alcohol and never had sex.

The Diet was designed to prevent them from losing weight.

A source says that the Aristocrat diet is considered one of the most important diet to modern societies.

They had to follow it to survive and they were very strict about it.

According the book of the Aristocratic diet, a member of the aristocratic class had to be an adult male with no children.

According this, they had to have at least three children.

Members of the aristocracy could not even have more than three children, so they could not have more children than two children.

The aristocrats were very secretive and very private.

They only had a very limited amount of food and drink available.

According one source, the aristocrats ate meat, cheese, butter, and eggs.

They also used wine as an important part of the diet.

According another source, members of aristocratic families were known for having a lot of sexual relationships.

The source says the most popular form of sexual intercourse in aristocratic households was oral sex.

These oral sex sessions were extremely intimate, with each individual having a small penis or clitoris.

According source, each person’s sexual behavior was extremely important and was considered extremely taboo.

In addition to these strict rules, the people of the noble families were also expected to be highly pious and always have a good reputation.

According sources, it was very important to maintain a very clean image of yourself.

The members of noble families had to dress very well and had to avoid showing their skin.

They could not wear clothes that were too tight, and they also had to never wear jewelry or any jewelry that had any foreign objects or decorations on them.

It is believed that the men wore gold jewelry and the women wore silver jewelry.

According other sources, the members did not drink alcohol and they did not consume any alcoholic beverages.

These strict rules and regulations also meant that aristocrats could not marry or have children.

So, they could only have one child at a time.

Aristocrats had to wear a veil, which was a tight leather mask covering the head.

Members were not allowed to have tattoos on their bodies.

According some sources, aristocrats did not even use a telephone.

According an article in The New York Times, members did have access to a variety of other social privileges, such as being able to visit a doctor and attending private parties.

According The New Orleans Advocate, the most common place that members of this aristocratic group visited was the French Quarter.

Other popular locations that members visited were New Orleans, New York, Washington D.C., and London.

According New Orleans Express, the group also visited a variety, and even exotic, places in Louisiana, such the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

In the 1920s, a large number of people from aristocratic circles began traveling to New York City and other cities.

The group would also make frequent trips to Paris, England.

According An article in the New York Observer, many of these aristocrats would go to Europe in search of women.

In France, aristocratic women were viewed as the most beautiful of all women and they would be welcomed with open arms.

According French newspaper Le Figaro, they also enjoyed socializing with other members of society and were sometimes even allowed to take a boat to France.

This type of travel was done for a variety

‘We’re the best in the world’ with ‘Best Blackberry Liqueur in the World’

The company has a new “Best BlackBerry Liqueurs in the WORLD” sticker on the packaging. 

According to the ad, the new product features “blackberry flavors” in a “totally blackberry, vanilla, and citrus liqueor.” 

“We have some of the best Blackberry flavors in the market and it’s what we’ve been known to do since 1998,” the company said in the ad.

“We know we’re the BEST in the industry.

We know what we are, and we are.”

The new brand has been around for nearly a decade, but its growth in recent years has been notable. 

The company’s market capitalization is now $2.5 billion, and the company has more than 300 stores in the U.S., with another 35 stores planned in Asia.

The company’s parent company, The Carlyle Group, is currently in the midst of a bankruptcy process. 

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal in November, CEO Scott Carver said that the company was on the verge of a turnaround, and that the brand was “on the path to a brand renaissance.” 

The brand was acquired by LiqueUR, which was spun off from The Carlyl Group in 2016. 

A post shared by The Carlylis Group (@carlylesg) on Sep 27, 2018 at 3:39pm PDT

How to make aloe gel from the ocean?

The ocean is home to more than 2.3 billion years of living organisms, including plants, animals and microorganisms, and it has long been known that many of them are vital for life.

But how do you make them?

Algae is a microscopic, green, greenish substance that grows in waters where nutrients are plentiful.

It is made up of two components: a compound called cyanobacteria, which breaks down plant material to make biofuel and a molecule called cyanamide, which helps plants grow.

This is where the ocean comes in.

It’s also where some of the oldest and most complex organisms are found.

To get the right amount of cyanobacterial compounds in the right environment, scientists are turning to the ocean’s own unique microbial community, which can provide us with a way to make a substance that looks and tastes like aloe.

Scientists are finding that the microbes living in the ocean are quite diverse, including bacteria that live in water from other oceans.

They are also very efficient at extracting oxygen from the water, which has important functions in the environment.

But they also tend to use oxygen for a number of other things, including converting waste into usable material, and then turning it back into the ocean through photosynthesis.

This means they can take up carbon dioxide in the air, which is good for photosynthesis, and they can convert it into oxygen and methane, which are useful for photosynthetic respiration.

These methane and oxygen molecules can be stored as food for organisms that live along the seabed and also for plankton.

And in the case of algae, they can make hydrogen, which we know can be useful for energy production.

But it’s not just these microbes that live on the seabbos, and the ocean is also a great place to find some of those organisms that can make a good source of hydrogen and oxygen.

The ocean has a great deal of carbon dioxide.

It has enough to produce about 4.2 billion kilograms of carbon in the atmosphere each year, but this is only enough to give us about 200 million kilograms of methane per year.

The amount of methane and carbon dioxide the ocean stores is so great that it’s a significant source of global warming.

The ocean also contains some of Earth’s largest concentrations of carbonate minerals, including carbonate of calcium and limestone of silicate.

These minerals act like a carbon sink, removing CO 2 from the atmosphere and turning it into more useful energy.

The key is to get the correct amounts of the right minerals.

The way to do that is to look at the chemical composition of the ocean.

The more carbon dioxide there is in the water that it contains, the more minerals it contains.

So if you’re going to take a sample from the seashore and put it in a tank of water, you need to get a good balance of the minerals in the seawater.

So the best way to get enough minerals is to collect a lot of water and put that in a filter.

That way, you get the calcium carbonate out of the water and you also get a lot more oxygen in the system.

The problem with that is that it can lead to the release of a lot or a lot, depending on how much you collect, of carbon monoxide.

That can cause problems for people.

If you’re collecting a lot carbon dioxide, the water can be a bit murky.

So you have to get that filtered out to make sure that the carbon dioxide is removed, so you can get the carbonate back in the tank.

But if you are collecting enough carbonate, you can just collect the water without any filters, and you can make sure it’s really pure carbonate.

It means that you can take a lot and put a lot in, and that means that if you do take a good amount, you have a lot left to do.

So, if you have an abundance of carbon, it’s good to collect it from the surface.

That’s how we get some of it from plants.

But if you only have a few centimeters of surface area, you could have a very limited amount.

This also explains why we’re seeing such a strong correlation between the amount of carbon that’s in the oceans and the amount that we’re using.

It’s also a good thing to have some algae living on the surface of the seascape.

They’re going for carbon, so they are getting rid of CO 2 .

So they are also taking up carbon.

Algae have a way of making oxygen from CO 2 and turning that back into oxygen.

So that helps the environment and helps the organisms, because they are doing all the things that you need them to do to survive.

The question of how we’re going out to the seaport is something that has always been a challenge.

It was very difficult for people to get to the port.

They needed boats, and there was very little land.

There was a lot going on.

So, the port became a very important hub of trade

How to use elderberry to refresh your body

I used to think elderberry was just an old-school liquor, and that it would do nothing for me.

But as I started drinking more, I noticed how it can actually have the opposite effect on your body, and this recipe for elderberry lemonade makes it a perfect replacement for those old-fashioned vodka cocktails.

I’ll admit I don’t really know how it works, but it’s a little complicated, so I’ll try and explain.

I first had a little idea of what elderberry can do, when I tried it in my favorite gin- and tonic, the Liqueur of Champions.

The flavor is a bit more complex than that, but that’s what makes it great: It can be a subtle, subtle, mild flavor that balances well with the citrusy notes of the gin and tonics. 

If you want a more robust elderberry flavor, I’d definitely suggest trying the Liguire Liqueurs, which has a stronger, more complex flavor profile than the elderberry version.

But if you want to go bold and drink it in the summertime, there’s also the more traditional elderberry lemons, which can give you a more bitter-sweet, more intense flavor. 

For those of you who are a little more adventurous and have a bit of time on your hands, there are a couple other options that are just as delicious.

Try the Elderberry Citrus Punch, which is a citrusy punch with a hint of lime. 

Another classic, elderberry sorbet, is a refreshing drink that comes in a wide variety of flavors, and can be made from anything from ginger beer to raspberry jam.

It’s the perfect summertime cocktail to keep on hand for any time of year, especially if you’re feeling more adventurous with your summertime drink. 

I’ve also heard stories of people who love to make their own elderberry cocktails using simple ingredients like water, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar.

If you’re more adventurous, you can even mix elderberry juice with lemon water to make a delicious, tangy, summertime citrus punch. 

But if you have a little bit of extra time, this recipe is a great way to keep up with your favorite summertime drinks, and make a great summertime lemonade!

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