How to get to 99 bananas

The average American eats about 99 bananas a day.

But they don’t all taste the same.

Each banana has different characteristics, like the flavor, texture, and aroma.

How do you choose which bananas are best for you?

Here are a few tips.


Pick bananas you like 2.

Choose bananas that aren’t ripe 3.

Choose fruit that is high in vitamin C or fiber.4.

Try the flavor.

Banana peels and other toppings like guacamole, tomato sauce, or lime juice are all great ways to add flavor.5.

You can find some great banana flavored water, like coconut water or apple cider, at health food stores.6.

If you have trouble deciding which bananas to buy, ask your local farmer.

Some fruits can be a bit hard to find.

Try bananas grown on a farm or from a nearby fruit farm.

It can be much cheaper than buying bananas in bulk.7.

Avoid foods that are high in sugar, like sugar cane.

There’s nothing wrong with eating fruit and sweet treats that contain fruit, but if you want to reduce your sugar intake, try eating fruit with added sugars like agave nectar or honey.8.

If bananas don’t have flavor, they’re not worth buying.

If it’s a banana you can’t find, ask a farmer.

If he or she says no, ask for it in a separate shipment.9.

If banana prices are going up, it may be time to start planning a trip to the store.

Many supermarkets offer discounted bananas.

Some have deals that allow you to save on shipping.10.

Check out local grocery stores to see if you can find bananas that are cheaper than a store brand.

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