How to make a delicious Green Apple Liqueur from scratch

A recipe for a green apple Liqueure from Trader Joe’s is coming to life.

It’s a treat for any occasion, from weddings to family gatherings.

The recipe, from Trader Joes owner Tom Cantrell, uses green apple cider vinegar, and uses a mix of apples, orange juice, lemon juice, cinnamon and cloves.

You could even use lemon peel, though the flavors of that can be a bit overpowering.

Here’s how it works: Cantrell uses two cans of apple cider and a can of orange juice.

He mixes the two in a blender until he has a creamy paste that tastes like a Green Apple liqueure.

He then adds two cups of orange liqueurs, one of each color, to the apple cider.

It should taste like a green fruit liqueural with a hint of orange.

You can make this at home or buy it at the Trader Joe store.

Cantrell has posted a video on his YouTube channel showing the process, and you can see him doing it in his video below.

The recipe also features Cantrell’s signature “I’m in love” sign.

Check out Cantrells Facebook and Instagram for more recipes from the Trader Joe family.

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